Eight Pounds This Week on the No Excuses System


You read that right. EIGHT pounds on my first week back with Jonathan Roche after the birth of my son in October. Now it’s not that I expect these kind of “Biggest Loser” results going forward or that I think this is typical, (and, as a nursing mother, I’m committed to slowing it down a bit if this continues) but it certainly does reinforce my love for FlyLady’s fitness expert.

If you haven’t checked out his podcasts, they are simply essential for anyone trying to lose weight on ANY program. The weight loss game has so much more to do with our heads than we care to let on, and he addresses that well.  He tries to orient callers away from the swimsuit motivation, (“You’re better than that!”) and back to the way our health effects our kids and our marriages, and our length and quality of life.

In short: Nothin’ but big love here for J. Roche and the NEWO system.  I’ll let you know how the next week goes.  Have you tried it?  Did it work for you?



Do you believe in New Years Resolutions?

I do.

Think about FlyLady!  She started in 1999 with two New Year’s goals.  1) Get organized. and 2)  “Be nice to me.”  I’m sure she never would have imagined that ten years later that New Year’s Resolution would have helped hundreds of thousands of people all over the world!

You know, I think that as long as we are kind to ourselves, we really CAN do anything we put our mind to!  So, whatever your New Years Resolution, just add to the end of it, “Be nice to me!” and don’t let the negativity of others squelch your big plans for 2012!

Marla said it first! New research says 66 days (not 21) to form a new habit!


Ha ha ha!  I remember a podcast where Marla was talking about psychologists who say it takes 21 days to form a habit.  I smiled so big when she said, (in her adorable North Carolina accent) “They lie, they lie, they lie!”

So, I was tickled when I came by this bit of news today: Need to Form a New Habit? 66 Days | World of Psychology.

Also, they talk about how some are more receptive to habits and others are “habit resistant” and require even more time!  Interesting stuff, right?

Are you afraid to declutter collections?


Have you ever caught yourself afraid to declutter something? For me, I have trouble decluttering collections. After all, the whole point of collecting things is to amass a lot of that thing right?

And I’m not talking about nick-nacks, either. (Although it’s definitely useful to identify winners and losers in that category as well.) I’m talking about things like books, DVDs, records… I tend to feel like these little groupings are families, and I can’t get rid of one unless I get rid of them all.

Really, though, nothing should be sacred. If an item is not useful or loved (or at least liked!) it needs to go.

So, my board games are toast. I’m keeping UNO, playing cards, and Killer Bunnies. Bye bye to the rest!

So, what collections have you parred down recently?

A Control Journal for Celebrations

I love FlyLady’s Holiday Control Journal! I’m working on a version that includes birthdays and other celebrations during the year. Check it out here!

(The post was written for folks that aren’t necessarily FlyBabies, so feel free to translate into FlySpeak when applicable! LOL)

A little FLY decoration…


I have to admit, I love to put little inspirational things around my home, and specifically FlyLady stuff, but frankly, the little purple housefly version of Marla kinda creeps me out. I really liked what I came across over at Too Much time on my hands with her Vintage Airplane Bedroom.  Go check her out!

I love the paper airplane emblem, and I’m also very vocally predicting that hot air balloons will be SO HOT in 2012!  Prove me wrong!  More on that to come.

via Too Much time on my hands: REVEAL! Vintage Airplane Bedroom.

I wanna go FAST!!!


I’m doing my best to catch up on laundry today! If you’re like me and have been a FlyBaby for a while, you’ve probably discovered that it’s pretty much impossible to FLY through life without occasionally nosediving, crashing, and exploding.

This fall we welcomed our second little boy into the family! As one would expect, my engine sputtered, I crash landed, and I resigned myself to taxing back and forth on the runway for a few months. After all, going from one kid to two is a big adjustment, even for a stay at home mom!

I apologize for all this imagery, but I remember what life was like without chaos and I’m yearning for those open skies! My baby cries and needs to eat and be cuddled and be played with a LOT. At the same time, my older child is adjusting with a lot of neediness and is requiring a lot more of me than he did before baby brother arrived. Just like a plane on a runway, if I want to FLY again, I’m going to need to get FASTER!!!

So back to the laundry. I’m sure you noticed my adorable woven laundry basket:


I’ve had it for over 3 years now. It catches dirty clothes in our bedroom. But that adorable cream liner always gets caught when I’m dumping and sorting laundry, and gets especially gross when the bottom of the basket gets filled with Mr. Fife’s sweaty workout clothes!

So guess what:



I think the basket’s even cuter and more modern with that annoying liner decluttered!!!

*Like a true SHE, I then started to fish the liner back out of the trash can thinking, “Wait! That’s nice canvass! I could sew something from that…”
**I caught myself and put it back in the trash can!